Jetman was a comic strip that was featured in a magazine called CRASH (a computer magazine devoted to the ZX Spectrum - 'Speccy'). Which was created for/sponsored by a games company 'Ultimate - Play the Game' (now called 'RARE'), who had a game come out called Jetman!!

The artist who penned them was a guy called John Richardson (many thanks for one of the funniest comic strips ever!).

We even have an exclusive interview with the man himself, for this website!

The comic strip followed the exploits of a guy called Jetman ('the Looney') and his so called friend 'The Monster' (a Dinosaur) as they stumbled through the Universe causing trouble (accidentally with hilarious consequences).




Our Looney (erm sorry, Lunar Jetman)

Who roams the Universe shooting things with his 'Bang Stick ' and generally sending Alien Invasion Fleets to Earth. Prized Posession is the 'Fabulous Eye of Okput' (it see's into the future, don't you know?). Keep this looney at a distance, or you could be in trouble.

The Monster

A dinosaur who has been trying to eat Jetman from the very first time they met. The trouble is that Looney Jetman doesn't realise this and thinks the monster is his best friend (well they are - erm, sort of).

The Big Boss

He knows how stupid Jetman is and tries to send him on suicide missions (I wonder why??) or to distant galaxies. I don't know if he can walk, cauz he spends most of his time in a floating bathtub (...ok I lied - a floating space thing).

Aliens (outer space elephants?)

These aliens created the marvelous 'Dongle Bomb' (when it explodes then it turns everyone 'deef' and stupid - so it has no effect on Jetman!!). And boy are they brainy, they have two don't you know, but when you look under their kilts then your in for a big suprise! (look I'm not being rude, read the Jetman's Adventures for more details).


This guy, erm I mean parrot, has one big ego. He's swauve, sofisticated and cunning, plus a Galactic Conker Champion (except when Stanley the Conkerer, aka. Jetman, beat him). He also has more lives than a cat, after Jetman fried him with his rocket ship, he's still alive!!.


They run Monsters ship and it seems they don't mind working for him, but they really don't get on with da Looney (apart from the grown King of the plurps - who's a bit dim).They grew an assasin to get rid of Jetman.

Flash Gordon

He wasn't too flash at the start, ya see he was shipwrecked and looked like Robinson Cruiso. Boy he certainly smartened up after a shave. The Parrotmen, Moonmen, Mingsmen, Postmen and anyone else who ends in 'men' hate him (lets just call him Mr Popular!).

The Comic Strip


Special thanks go to :

  • James Bailey who is another true Lunar Jetman fan and helped by providing the
    early (missing) Lunar Jetmans - and Jetman No. 1 !!!!!!!!

  • and Matthew Wilson for supplying all of the other scans I didn't do and
    completing the Lunar Jetman set.

  • and Magic_Lava for finding John Richardson for me

  • Note: Umquat was scanned by Jedi

The First Lunar Jetman!!!!!

The First Lunar Jetman!!!!! and an 'Umquat the Alien'
Lunar Jetman - July 1984 Umquat the Alien - January 1987
Lunar Jetman (No. 1)
Crash - Issue 6
July 1984
jpg - 397K
Umquat the Alien (No. 1?)
LM - Issue 1
January 1987
jpg - 302K


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